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A point of difference.

The Isle of Man Captive Association is an organisation dedicated to the progression and development of insurance management companies on the Isle of Man. Its growing membership supports and advances a set of guiding principles that each member company can benefit from.

In particular, the Association's continual dialogue and support from Government ensures that the Island's unique offshore jurisdiction and quality of financial services is not only maintained but also enhanced.

Mission Statement

Our Guiding Principles

The Isle of Man Captive Association represents the interests of all Isle of Man authorised insurance managers and captive owners.

Mission statement:

Promote and develop the Isle of Man as a quality domicile for captive and general insurance business.

The following seven guiding principles help us measure the appropriateness of our commitment:

  • Advance the interest of its Members.
  • Assist in promoting and developing the Isle of Man as a centre for insurance business, both captive and general.
  • Encourage and develop local facilities for the provision of management services to captive insurance businesses operating in or from the Isle of Man.
  • Encourage members, where possible, to use local facilities.
  • Encourage members operating in or from the Isle of Man to carry out their functions and objects in an ethical manner consistent with the best interests of the Isle of Man and its International Business Community.
  • Offer to the Isle of Man Government such assistance in the furtherance of these principles as may, from time to time, be requested of the Association or as may otherwise be considered appropriate by the Association.
  • Provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas relevant to the members' interests.
  • 225 licensed entities with many owned by blue-chip companies
  • £5.5 billion+ of funds managed
  • £1.1 billion+ in annual premiums
  • 100+ people directly employed and many more involved in supporting the industry.

The Isle of Man captive insurance industry contributes to the Island’s financial services sector in many ways including: